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I appologize that the group didn't work. I was very loaded with homework and resently my grandpa died so I compleatley forgot about this group. I will launch it from now on.

Have a nice day,
The 1st ever weekly W-A issue on #Watercolor-artists!

Today is New Year eve! So lets take a look at some 2012 themed artworks



christmas postcard 4 by EpsilonEridani

I want to stay for another year by cat-o-morphism

Hope you liked it
The 1st ever weekly W-A issue on #Watercolor-artists!

I will post it every week. On Mondays or on the weekend.
This blog post will contain
1. Watercolor tutorials on DA or on the World Wide Web.
2. Interesting links.
3. Amaizing art
4. Some plans on building up #Watercolor-artists

This is just info but wait untill Saturday and you will get the real 1st issue!

Ok! Lets start!

The theme: Valentines Day!
The date: Submit your entries from the 1st of February untill the 12th of February

The winners are going to be annoced on Valentines day!

The rules:

:bulletpurple:You can submit up to 2 deviations
:bulletpurple:The contest entry must be drawn only in traditional technique you can edit the contrast in adobe photoshop or other
:bulletpurple: The entry must be added in a special album called "Contest-Valentine"
:bulletpurple: The entry must be done in watercolors
:bulletpurple: Ask a question if smth is needed
Good Luck! Have fun!
I have a little question. As we have a nice number of members. Than lets try to put up a contest. How do you think? Who's in?

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